Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Boy, one year ago, we were eating so differently...

A year ago, hubby was diagnosed with a yeast infection in his digestive tract. He had been sick for a year or more with a racing heart, unexplained pains, digestive problems, and just plain feeling lousy and anxious. He found a wonderful doctor who actually did some research and gave him a "yeast" test usually reserved for those with AIDS and cancer. We knew he had neither of these. He tested OFF the charts! He appeared healthy but inside, yeast was taking over. Along with the advice of an naturopath, hubby started a very strict diet- no sugar, carbs, fruit....it was really really stict. He ate veggies, meat, proteins (eggs, nuts) and goat dairy.

It was a challenge, and I LIKE a challenge. I love to make food from just a few ingredients, yeah, I guess you can call it scrounging. Oh, to add to his diet, it was supposed to be as organic as possbile. Basically, we were going back to what God has made for us to eat, straight from the earth. No packaged anything. We were strict for 3 months, sticking to the new food plan and supplementing with herbal tinctures and vitamins. He started to feel a bit better and we were able to add some grains and fruit. This opened up a lot more things to eat and recipes to make.

I began to do research on sugar substitutes that were natural, organic. That's when I stumbled on "agave nectar"....

more to follow...

The Topiary Lady has moved!

The Topiary Lady has MOVED!

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