Thursday, August 7, 2008

News Flash: I can drive again!!!!


Maybe you shouldn't even ask...

Okay, we had the cousins from Philadelphia over. All our other cousins don't come to visit because they are too far away. (North Carolina and Montana)

This time the boys took Lukie and traced his outline. (Missed that pic, sorry)

I have this awesomely huge roll of newspaper print from the Reading Eagle that our former nanny, Lisa, obtained for us. Did I mention it's awesome? Every now and then I pull it out and bring down the container of markers from the school room, and Voila! art is born.

Lance made the face, the rest of the boys took turns on the body. They determined that it wasn't a "he" or a "she"....Hmmmmm....

Logan working his magic.


What? Did you think I wasn't going to sneak food in here somewhere?

Pizza bagels...


and grapes....

I just love a big table full of boys! 6 boys and two mommies.

The Topiary Lady has moved!

The Topiary Lady has MOVED!

I'm not longer updating this blog....Come visit me on my new site at for lots of recipes, ideas, homeschooling stuff, and more!

My boys

My boys