Monday, September 1, 2008

Car trip and balloons

The highlight of our 2 hour drive to NJ to see Oma (Grandma) was the hot air balloons. I didn't capture a good picture of all 6 of them.

One, two, three...wait, where's Liam?

Oh yeah, Liam's the 10 year-old. When you turn 10, apparently you don't like to have your picture taken.

We have an arm and a hand, covering the cute face of my only boy that REALLY likes to have his picture taken.

I should capitalize on that.

Oh...a smile from Lance.

They are all watching a DVD, keeps them nicely occupied for longer drives.

The balloon.


and closer.

Ahah! I got him!

The mindless numbing effect of the DVD overpowers his ability to hide for too long.

I've been spotted, again.

I need a screen too. There's nothing else to do but take pictures...

The world, as Lucas sees it.

Hubby, the driver

Logan. Couldn't think of anything funny to say about him.

See? He can't disappear for long.

Logie, get that hand out of your mouth!

I really need to keep myself better occupied...

The Topiary Lady has moved!

The Topiary Lady has MOVED!

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My boys

My boys