Sunday, September 14, 2008

Field Trips

We had a wonderful time at the Hay Creek Festival on our Field Trip. SO many things to see.

This woman was demonstrating several "period" stringed instruments.

The highlight of the day was the glassblowing demonstration.
Here he is rolling out his first gather. It's such a science and an art!

We were in for a "treat" because they were attempting to blow a bottle with a new mold they had obtained. They had never used it before. They had to heat the mold to 400-500 degrees beforehand. The guy then got his second gather, rolled it, and quickly put in in the mold and blew in it. The guy on the ground closed the mold for him.

He was standing on a stool to be able to blow in his tube, it started to tip and the announcer grabbed him by the britches!

They took it out, here is the first try. You can see there is a lot of glass inside the bottle. After about their 3rd try they were able to get it right.

Here is the usual glass blowing technique we have seen before.

After a long hot dusty day... I thought this was a great shot, a mix of old and new. I call it "Colonist holding soda"

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The Topiary Lady has MOVED!

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