Sunday, September 7, 2008

Give em' fabric!

I was driving by my local fabric store (which happens to be a fabric outlet) and saw a sign in the window..."$1.00/yd all bolts"

I HAD to stop.

Okay, I don't sew. I DO have a sewing machine which died when Mom tried to sew denim curtains. So, no, I did not stop for myself.

I had the boys in mind. I thought to myself..."Self, get the boys each some fabric and see what they can come up with." A sort of "impromtu" Art Class! I love watching the boys create.

So, it turns out they were all 79 cents/yard!! For $6 something I had 8 yards of nice fabric!

Here is what they came up with...

Here's L4...a little glum? He's striking a pose (he's usually the big smiley one!)

I chose a nice flowing red fabric for him. Each boy had 2 yards.

I think he's quite good at draping. I should have bought some more to make a dress for myself.

NOT that I know how to sew or anything...

Nice face L3! He got a flowing black silky fabric.

He somehow incorporates sports into everything he does.

I think he is trying pose as if he is fighting, however, it looks like he "up at bat"

So fierce!

Then there's L2...

He didn't like the fabric I picked out for him. It was too itchy. I should have known...

He was going for the "one-eyed" look, apparently. Anyway, L3 kindly let him use some of his fabric. He pieced this warrior looking thing, I guess it's more of a ninja looking thing...

L1, now he was going for a Wizard look...

He looks rather like a "Sand Monster", it was nice fabric too.

He has conquered!!!

Or something like that.

Notice the "staffs" they are holding. The lady in the store sent them home with us for free since she heard that we were homeschoolers. They ended up turning them into rifles.


Boys WILL be boys.

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The Topiary Lady has MOVED!

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