Friday, August 29, 2008

Delicious Slow Roasted Tomatoes....

Kind of like sundried tomatoes, without the sun...

You need tomatoes, a cookie sheet, a knife, some herbs, salt and pepper, garlic and olive oil.

Oh, and you need time and oven space. About 6-8 hours.

Start by washing the tomatoes. Then cut them in half or in thick slices, depending on what kind of tomatoes you use.

Core the tomatoes.

It you used roma tomatoes, you just cut them in half.

But, I didn't have roma tomatoes...

so I cut them in slices.

Place them on a cookie sheet, the biggest one you have. I filled up two sheets.

Salt and pepper them.

So pretty!

There's something about sunshine on tomatoes...

Sprinkle with herbs.

I used fresh basil, oregano and thyme from my garden.

You could use crushed dried herbs too.

I sprinkled them with garlic powder. Hubby is sensitive to fresh garlic. I think it's more flavorful with fresh garlic sliced and place on the tomatoes.

Also, sprinkle with olive oil. I like to use Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Hey, how did that get in there? Those aren't roasted tomatoes! Oh, that's right. I was making marinara that day while the tomatoes were roasting in the oven!

Making marinara was just like making salsa, except I put in more basil and oregano and no chiles.

I know, I still didn't make enough!

After about 7-8 hours in a 200 degree oven.

I still had my canning supplies out, so I stuffed them into 3 or 4 pint jars.

I put them in a water bath for about 20-25 minutes. These are also great frozen into small freezer bags or containers. Pour the remaining juices and oil into the containers.

Use on anything! Pizza, in pasta, on crusty bread.



Southern Family said...

Looks yummy! Like your new matching signature to your header too! :-)

DaWei said...

Your site sucks. It never stops loading stuff. Onto the blacklist it goes.

Pam said...

I love roasting tomatoes, making my own marinara and salsa too. The pictures are great!

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