Thursday, August 21, 2008

The little boys bedroom makeover....Part I

We used to have all four boys in a large bedroom in the basement. They loved bunking together. But, with our re-carpeting escapades in the basement, it seemed the perfect opportunity to split them up and move them around.

So, our guest room became the little boys bedroom. The playroom became the guest room. And the all boy's bedroom became half playroom, half older boy's bedroom.

Did I confuse you yet?

What a great arrangement for all! The little boy's room was a sad yellow color. Believe it or not, it was a shade of Martha Stewart paint, but it was not "a good thing"

We (that is, I) decided on the shade of "very palest of blue" (I made that name up) It also happened to be an extra gallon of paint leftover from our basement re-painting escapade (which involved intensive wall paper removal, but that's another story, and I have no pictures of it!)

But, nonetheless, it's a lovely shade of pale blue. We moved the red curtains from downstairs to their room. We (and by we, I mean BILL) have YET, to hang the curtains. My sweet mom-in-law picked up the wire curtain holder thingies from IKEA. I'll take a picture of that and show you.



I took three days for my painting project, HEY, I'm still recovering from Bacterial Meningitis, you know? I'm going to milk that one for all it's worth!! I should say, it was really 3 mornings. I do better in the morning and try to rest in the afternoon. The operative word there was "try." It doesn't always work with a houseful of males.

NOTE: Look through the doorway, my BED is made!! That is ONE thing I do every day. I read somewhere, one of those wonderful pieces of advice that you never forget....if you make your bed, at least 80% of your room is neat. So, if you are like me and still have the ironing board out with some laundry on it, at least 80% of my room IS clean!



I'm very happy with the results. Although, I'm not quite finished yet. I still have to paint the clouds on the ceiling. The ceiling is also blue and has a few old water stains on it. I have to prime it and paint some fluffy clouds. That's me being "cleverly lazy." I REALLY don't want to paint the entire ceiling, that's hard, it hurts your neck, I'd rather do clouds, they're pretty. It will give the boys something to stare at in the morning before they get out of bed.

I've always had a dream to do a mural. I sort of did one in the school room.

The former owners had painted this room an awful dark mint green, the ENTIRE room was that color! There were stenciled fish on the back wall. I left the fish and created an under the sea mural as you can see on the back wall on either side of the window.

I'll post some picture of my clouds if I get to them before we start school!

Next, we'll have more food, I PROMISE!!

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Southern Family said...

I think it is looking lovely. My 1boy bedroom should look so neat and tidy (but if you have been reading my blog on him, you may understand why that is not so!). I am stil trying to figure out how to make it easy on him, short of taking everything out of his room, except his bed! Good work.

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