Monday, September 29, 2008

At last...My bathroom gets a face-lift

This post is for my mom! (Hi MOM!) I know you can't drive all this way to see my bathroom makeover so this is the next best thing! I love you and miss you both (hi DAD.)

My bathroom...

Out of all the rooms in the house, the master bath room was the most atrocious. Here's the reason...

The hideous "doctor's office" wallpaper!

This paper has not one, but TWO layers. The second paper one had to be removed by wetting it and scraping.
Here's what was under 2 layers of "marbled" wall paper. It's terra cotta (which by itself could be alright) but it was sponge painted with GOLD!

I found some "oops" paint at Lowes for $5 last year....

I decided to do this project (after it had been on my "to-do" list ALL summer long) while Bill was on an overnight business trip. It's more fun to do all of this work if it's a surprise.

We've been ripping wall paper off slowly over the past 8 months or so. This is our ugly bathroom with one layer off.
The before before look. Hmmm...I can understand the concept of covering this paint job with wall paper, but where'd they get this wall paper from? This is not an office space folks!

(I couldn't get the fan cover to pop back in!)
and after.


I really love the contrast of the white trim and accessories with the green paint.
My bathroom feels like such a sanctuary!
Here's a good before shot.
and after
I (bravely) removed the mirror and put it back on all by myself!

I'm trying not to spend too much time in here now....

How's that for a $5 make-over?


The Southern Family said...

It's a beautiful $5 makeover! Wallpaper stinks, doesn't it?

Kimba said...

Wow! That is a fantastic makeover. What a change!

BarbaraLee said...

It does look nicer.

Heart of Wisdom said...

WOW! That is awesome.
Inspirational makeover!

Good Job MOM!

Come by and see me!!!!

I have two blog post this Tuesday.
Photos of our typical morning on my personal blog at

and an explanation of Changes at my homeschool blog

kate said...

Wow Hannah! It looks great!!

Our bathroom is a similar green and white too and I love the contrast as well. It was my favorite color in our house after we moved in and painted.

Did Bill love it?

Sarah Mae said...

How did you do that for $5? It's lovely - I want that color in my bathroom!

Sarah Mae said...

Okay, I went back and re-read the post to figure out the $5! What is "oops" paint?

Kay said...

Dramatic change ... wallpaper in a bathroom, that's so undutch (winks:)

Fran said...

Wow! What a difference! Great job!


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