Wednesday, September 24, 2008


There's something idyllic about pears...

So beautiful!

OH, yeah, anyway, pears. Where was I? Today, I will show you my favorite way to eat pears. I like them fresh, but they are even better poached in cinnamon and spices. This takes me back to my childhood. Having been born in Holland, I have a plethora (I love that word!)of favorite dishes that I really miss and don't get to eat very often. I've found some recipes on the internet over the years so I can replicate them. This isn't the exact recipe but it's pretty darn close!

You do need to peel the pears and core them. I use a melon baller kind of thing to scoop out the innards. Make sure your pears aren't too ripe, just barely. They will get cooked anyway and need to be firm.

Do you like my blue gloved hand? My hands are SO dry and I'm trying to keep from having to wash them with soap too often. I digress...but thought I should explain.

Place the pears in a large pan. The size depends on how many pears you are using. I like to use apple juice, you can use cider as well, I just didn't have any on hand.

Use 100% apple juice, let's keep it healthy folks! Add a couple of cinnamon sticks, a shake of cloves, nutmeg, whatever floats your boat. Oh, and vanilla. A good teaspoon or more. (The real stuff!)

And then just simmer on low for a while. The longer you let them sit the more they absorb the flavors.
Okay, you need the amount of time? Maybe an hour, more or less is fine. Then let it cool down completely if you are putting them into plastic containers. (Me and plastic don't mix when it comes to heating it, BAD for you...)

Remove the cinnamon sticks.

I put mine into two quart glass jars, I still can't believe that all those pears, and all I have show for it is 2 stinkin' quarts...and those boys eat them so fast!

I'm the mean "canner", I don't let anyone touch the canned stuff till it's all WAY out of season.

These are outrageously good. Dessert quality.

Enjoy Fall's bounty.


Frugal Finds said...

Oh yum!! I love pear/apple sauce.

Sarah Mae said...

Yes, I am drooling!

Thanks for the homeschool advice! Actually, I'm not really officially homeschooling yet. I have a three year old and a 1 year old, but the three year old I'm doing a few things. Still, I have all my homeschool resources/crafts/etc. all around! Well, not anymore, I cleared the two shelves of my bookshelf!

kate said...

Hannah, I need to pay you to can for me. I love the whole idea of canning. I just don't have the patience to spend so much time with food. So, I need to either channel your "canning energy," or come and eat with you guys during the day :) It all looks so yummy.

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