Monday, September 22, 2008

The Summer in Review

I can't believe summer is already over! I thought it would be fun to share our summer summed up in a few pictures. I promise, my next few posts will be food-related! I have all sorts of posts coming up of cooked pears, roasted chicken with potato and leeks, apple cakes...just to whet your appetites and keep you coming back for more.

Our summer began with our usual trip to Cape Cod. Sparklers on the beach is our custom every year. We go with 3 other families, stay in the same beautiful house, and cook yummy food and play scrabble all week long. This year we had 17 people.

This is my favorite pic of the boys, taken at the Cape.

Here are some of my favorite flowers growing in the garden.

They have all since dried up. The poor flowers at the top of my long driveway only get rainwater, there hasn't been too much of that lately! Usely they last into September.

We found this "mask" on our property when we moved...

Here's a shot of my garden before it really took off. Notice the HORSE? That was Liam's homeschool co-op project, he had to play a "pony express rider" and Oma C. made him the horse. This is where he now pastures...

And, oh so sad, our Kimba had kittens and then subsequently "left" with them. We haven't seen or heard from them since. Precious has taken over all of our affections, quite happily.

Oh, we can't forget our garden path! Bill, me and the boys worked so hard on that project. We re-covered the walkway, washed and rinsed all the stones and put them back. Then we proceeded to burn out our well pump that same day. But, we don't really want to remember that.

The beautiful rainbow. The boys and I were "spell-bound" at the beauty of this gorgeous rainbow over our house. What an awesome reminder that God keeps his promises.

L3 turned 7!

Summer's bounty of fresh fruit wrapped up into our favorite pie. I have never, EVER, made this many pies in my life, let alone, in one single summer! Peach blueberry raspberry was our favorite, but I did make a lot of just wild raspberry, blueberry, and peach by itself too. Yummy! I miss them already.

Oh, tomatoes. This was a another first for me this summer. I have canned tomatoes before, but I've never made salsa before. If I may say so, it was incredible!

Cousin Jeff from NJ, kindly shared his tomatoes with me and his roma tomatoes were "out of this world good!" I made slow roasted tomatoes with them, they are insane!


Once Upon a Plate said...

What a lovely blog Hannah! And what handsome sons you have, just adorable.
I'm having so much fun reading along, and seeing the world through your camera lens. Very nice job!

kate said...

Hannah, I can't believe you cat and kittens left! So sad :(

Jude said...

Very nice pictures... Looks like a lot of fun in your neck of the woods.

The Southern Family said...

What lovely pictures :-) Enjoyed your summer wrap-up!

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