Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's TIME to be appreciated...

I was privileged to cater Bill's Client Appreciation Event today. He likes to have these events to show his clients that he cares. This event was held at "Stoudtsburg Village" in Adamstown, PA. It's a really cute village that is designed to look and feel like a European village with shops and many bright buildings. Many of the shop owners live above their stores.

I got the job to make finger foods for about 50 people. Here's what I came up with.

Summer sausages.

Assorted italian cheeses and crackers, fresh olives

Caprese on a stick

There's nothing like fresh mozzarella.

I still had some fresh basil from my garden that I rescued before the frost.

Another tray of cheeses and sopressetta with fresh olives, garlic crostini and crackers.

Sopressetta is an Italian salami. SO good. I had to keep the boys away.

I also made vegetable skewers served with a ranch dip.

"Pop in your mouth" sized wraps are perfect for a finger food party. Mama Nelda helped me with these. We spread a thin layer of cream cheese, sprinkled it with garlic powder and dill, and layered it with roast beef, turkey ham, or turkey. Then roll tightly. I refrigerated the rolls uncut, overnight and just cut them up before I plated them.

Okay, I can't take credit for these babies. They were made by the tea room people in the village. They were WAY too good.


I also had shrimp cocktail and some roasted peanuts.

The food went fast. Guess that's a good thing.

Kind of makes you wanna be my hubby's client huh?


Anonymous said...
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BusyBee said...

Looks GREAT!

kate said...

Hannah, that food looks great! It's nice that Bill has such connections to get great food for his events ;) YUMMY!

veggie belly said...

What a beautiful spread! The mini wraps look great!

Jude said...

Very nice spread.. Looks like a smashing success.

Cathryn said...

A cook too!

slowpoke said...

WOW, Hannah!! Gorgeous food and presentation! You're amazing. I would be overwhelmed trying to pull that off. At least if I ever have to, I can come look here for ideas!

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